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  • PRESS RELEASES - 2006 Laguna Niguel, CA - EIMC - Advanced Plating Technologies announces:

    • EIMC – Advanced Plating Technologies and ELSYCA NV, Zellik – BELGIUM announce the release of specialized versions of the popular PlatingMaster electrolytic process modeling and simulation software. These specialized PlatingMaster products can specifically address the special needs encountered in plastics plating (POP), electroforming, hard chrome plating, electrochemical machining (ECM) and certain automotive parts plating applications, like chrome wheels. Send an email request to: and we’ll be glad to tell you more.

    • "LIVE" Interactive Demos of PlatingMaster via Web Conference Call continue to be available. The demos are one of the best “No Cost, No Obligation” ways to see PlatingMaster in action.

    • Want to know the return on an investment (ROI) when using PlatingMaster? We're now able to disclose an excellent cost analysis that gives you the answers.

    • SUR/FIN - Mark your calendars for Monday September 18 through Thursday September 21, 2006 in Milwaukee, WI. SUR/FIN 2006 V.I.P. Passes will again be available from Roger Mouton at EIMC - Advanced Plating Technologies or ELSYCA NV, Zellik – BELGIUM. To receive yours, please email us a request: or For detailed information visit and click on the SUR/FIN 2006 link.

    Laguna Niguel, CA - EIMC - Advanced Plating Technologies announces coming events:

    • "LIVE" Interactive Demos of PlatingMaster via Web Conference Call with Elsyca It's easy for us to set up and is a hands-on look at PlatingMaster in action. You'll see a model created and manipulated "LIVE". Since it's difficult to describe in print you can sign up for your own Web Conference Call. Send us an email request to: Include Web Conference Call in the subject line and we'll contact you with available dates and times.

    Laguna Niguel, CA - EIMC - Advanced Plating Technologies announces expanded pulse plating capabilities with PlatingMaster electrolytic process simulation software.

    PlatingMaster is being used to accurately model bi-polar pulsed plating applications in pwb manufacturing. Pulse plating, pulse reverse, bi-polar pulse plating or PPR, as it is sometimes called, has been difficult to apply because of varying board sizes and designs. PlatingMaster allows the process engineer to perform a fast prediction of deposit thickness distribution over tracks, pads, ground planes, robbers, etc. and represents a powerful tool for optimization of the pulsed signal and/or background patterns (copper balancing) that contribute to deposit uniformity specifications. Bipolar Pulse parameters (anodic and cathodic pulse height, anodic and cathodic on-time, off-time) can be easily specified in order to speed plating times and ease the plating production bottlenecks encountered in pwb electrolytic processing.

    Laguna Niguel, CA - EIMC–Advanced Plating Technologies has been appointed the North American representative for Elsyca’s plating software and engineering services. The latest software version of Elsyca PlatingMaster is true 3D, very user friendly and is completely integrated with SolidWorks®. SolidWorks® has one of the largest installed user bases in the world for CAD design software.

    Laguna Niguel, CA - EIMC–Advanced Plating Technologies announces the availability of a new DEMO of PlatingMaster. The DEMO has 2 versions: one is of a single part and the other shows that part as it is integrated with other parts on a complete plating rack. Please email your request for either or both of the DEMOs to:

    EIMC - Advanced Plating Technologies introduces Modeling and Plating Simulation

    Laguna Niguel, CA - EIMC - Advanced Plating Technologies (Electroplating Innovation in Modeling Concepts) announces expansion of capabilities with the addition of consulting and engineering services for electroplating process improvement.

    The offer of contract engineering services is an alternative to software license acquisition and gives manufacturers and electroplaters more options to achieving uniform plating thickness distribution. The goals are to improve plating yield and increase plating speeds. Electroplating quality is enhanced so that overplating is eliminated. Plating thickness uniformity improvements result in significantly reduced plating cycle times and lower material costs. Plating process improvements can be made that bypass costly trial and error plating set-up and validation.

    Plating improvements are also advantageous to fabricators who must employ longer-than- necessary plating cycle times, regularly face electroplating capacity restraints or are currently contemplating capital expenditures for additional electroplating equipment.

    EIMC - Advanced Plating Technologies is leading the way to improved electroplating performance in US manufacturing.

    For additional information, please email

  • Chicago, Illinois, June 2002 - The AESF, the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society, awarded Roger Mouton "Best Presentation In Conference" for his presentation of the technical paper "A New 3-D Electroplating Simulation and Design Tool". The paper was co-written with Frederic Druesne, PhD and Mr. Mansour Afzali of CETIM, Technical Centre for Engineering Industries, Senlis, France.

    This award is given annually for the best presentation of a paper delivered at the preceding SUR/FIN Conference held in Nashville, TN. This paper is currently in publication in the June, 2002 issue of Plating and Surface Finishing, the technical journal of AESF, the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society.


Roger Mouton founded EIMC, focusing on Advanced Plating Technologies and electroplating process development. He has experience in product and business development, sales, marketing and technical service in the electronics manufacturing and metal finishing industries. He has authored articles in Printed Circuit Fabrication, CircuiTree Magazine and The Board Authority, Metal Finishing Magazine and Plating and Surface Finishing Magazine. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Loyola University.


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